Parker Factory Display

One of the most effecitve ways to cut the high cost of downtime and scrap is to empower workers with real-time situational awareness, for faster response to downs and non-confirming conditions on the factory floor.

The Parker Factory Display offers unprecedented flexibility and impact for delivering critical messages to associates on the factory floor. Whether presenting Andon display, production data, OEE data, safety policies or announcements, the Parker Factory Display is much more than just a screen.

  • Supplied with pre-installed software for remote support and application sharing

  • Supplied with Parker Factory Manager Software for application development and remote publishing

  • Supports photos, videos and rich meadia for improved recognition of faults and problems

  • Advance security with 6 access levels including 'view only'

  • Direct PLC connectivity automates data collection with 40+ drivers included
  • Available with 32", 40" and 26" displays

  • VESA 200mm mounting

  • 500MHz LX800 CPU, 256MB DDR Memory

  • 512MB CompactFlash Type II Bootable Storage

  • 220-240VAC 50Hz Power Supply

  • Windows CE operating system

  • Download Parker Factory Display Brochure