Applications make it easy

12th December 2011

Blogs, forums, shopping carts, news feeds, member login and content management systems are just a few of the many features that customer have come to expect from websites. This can make life difficult for developers.

Our catalogue of free applications includes common applications which are easy to install and set up through our user friendly interface.

Applications include web conferencing, shopping carts, web mail, content management, backup, CRM, forum, blog, accounting, HR, eLearning, photo gallery, help desk, survey, guestbook, wiki, analytics, calendar, chat and many more useful systems.

Fed up of Spam?

21st November 2011

In 2010 it was estimated that 90% of emails sent, almost 100 trillion emails, were spam. At AJM Automation Limited we understand that spam can be an inconvenience.

From November, we are now including free spam filtering for all of our hosting customers. Spam filtering can be configured to suit your email usage and can eliminate up to 99% of spam messages.

Please contact us for more information.

Hosting Video Tutorials

8th July 2011

As part of our recent web hosting and server upgrades, we've added video tutorials to help customers make changes to their hosting accounts without specialist knowledge or training.

Hosting System Updates

7th July 2011

We've upgraded our shared web hosting systems to support the latest website technologies. Updates include the latest Plesk v10.3 control panel and php v5.3. As always, support for our updated web hosting systems is provided through our dedicated account managers.

Krones CTS-10 replacement, an engineered solution

22nd May 2011

Old controllers on Krones filling, bottling and canning lines, typically found in breweries, use the CTS-10 & CTS14 units communicating to the Siemens PLC via the comms interface CP441-2 set as TTY (4-20ma).

AJM Automation have successfully been able to retrieve the existing application, upgrade it to Version 7, carry out modifications and download it to the new fully supported PA210 series Parker PowerStation. We've also engineered the new cabling required to connect the PowerStation.

The new PA210T PowerStation utilises the compact FLASH card for OS and application storage making it very user friendly and quick to change out units.

Leading Web Hosting Support

12th April 2011

All of our web hosting customers are now given direct contact details for their account manager, for support queries, account modifications, and sales enquiries.

That means that whenever you have a problem, there's no waiting in queues or connecting to call centres - you're straight through to the people who know what they're talking about.

What's more, all hosting customers are now given free support with their website code. So if you're not used to making websites and you get stuck, all you need to do is ask.

Pretty good we think.