InteractX Windows Supervisory HMI Software

InteractX has always led the industry with breakthrough graphics and built-in connectivity. Now with version 3.0, InteractX leads the way into Supervisory HMI by dramatically reducing development time and integration cost for your manufacturing operation.

InteractX now provides powerful Trending and Analysis Tools that aggregate data from multiple machines or workcells. InteractX also makes it easy to push Interact Xpress™ machinelevel HMI screens and data directly into its interface - without having to recreate applications or input tags!

  • Windows Based HMI software

  • Embeded or disk driven installations

  • Reduced development time

  • Advance Supervisory Integration

  • Unlimited tags, Pens and logs

  • Leading Graphics Technology

Development Environment

InteractX has the most advanced development interface and graphics of any Windows HMI System, and can be used without and special IT skills or assistance. The user-friendly design interface includes styles and templates that enable multiple users to quickly build applications with a consistent "look and feel".

  • Panel Tools: includes 20+ pre-configured buttons, lamps, gauges and more

  • Graphics: vector based graphics, free-form animation, graphics import, unlimited colours, gradients, materials and transparency

  • Integrated Tag Editor: Drag-and-Drop tag editor with easy import/export, including PLC address and "Where Used" information

  • OPC Tag Server: Tags can be accessed by OPC Client applications such as SCADA systems, DCS, MIS applications, etc

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA): Fully integrated VBA with access to tools, graphics, alarms, application properties and tags

  • Active 3rd party support: plug & play support for vision trending, media players and other 3rd party ActiveX tools
  • Multi-Language Support: Translate all text, alarms, screens and log data in a single CSV file

  • Bundled Communication Drivers: Includes 60+ bundled communication drivers, including serial and ethernet drivers for major PLC and motion controller brands

  • "Pack & Load" Project Management: Simplifies application management, copying, transferring and installation in multiple locations

  • E-Signs tools: simple development of 21CFR-11 compliant applications without special scripting of programming!

  • Download InteractX Brochure

  • What's New in v3.0?

  • Download Evaluation Copy

Runtime Environment

InteractX offers one of the most advanced runtime environments available, with support for multiple operating systems and solid-state devices for ultimate performance and reliability.

  • Compatibility: Runs on any Windows 2000 or XP Pro system

  • Available as: software only or pre-installed and configured in our Windows HMIs

  • Embedded support: for embedded NT and XP on Compact Flash, for powerstations without rotating media for increased reliability

  • Alarms: Monitor and acknowledge real-time and historical alarms with advanced user access, filtering, grouping, logging and printing

  • User Security Levels: 21CFR-11 compliant, multi-user access levels with unlimited users
InteractX Runtime

Supervisory HMI

Combined with Interact Xpress, InteractX is the most effective Supervisory HMI system available. InteractX connects to your Machines-Level HMIs, and can import screens and data directly from Interact Xpress, removing the need to develop special supervisory applications.

  • Allows Supervisors to centrally monitor shop floor HMIs

  • Import screens and data from Interact Xpress HMIs

  • Historical trending from multiple HMI and PLC sources

  • Remotely run, publish and monitor multiple HMI applications