Interact Dedicated Machine Level HMI Software

Interact is a feature-rich Machine level HMI software package, with no limits on tags or alarms, and an array of modular tools for creating fully functional operator interfaces and easy deployment to Multiple HMIs and machines.

  • Embedded Runtime for reliability

  • Windows Development for ease

  • Modular architecture

  • 3D Panel Tools for advanced graphics

  • Advanced Networking and Connectivity

Development Environment

The Interact software Windows® Development system has been designed to reduce the time required to develop even the most complex applications, without the need for specialist programming knowledge.

  • Windows® Development System: Easy to use Microsoft Windows based development system

  • Intuitive Menu & Online Help: simplify application development

  • Easily Load Applications: Applications loaded via Compact Flash, Serial or Ethernet doanload

  • Images: Easily import 256 colour bit-map images into applications

Runtime Environment

Interact Applications are Embedded for maximum reliability, protecting your critical operations and giving you peace of mind!

  • Embeded Runtime: Applications run on embedded HMI powerstations with Compact Flash storage for maximum reliability

  • Bundled with PA2 HMI: Interact software is bundled with the PA2 Dedicated series HMI Powerstations. Matched Hardware for ultimate performance

  • High performance runtime: Interact's runtime is designed for performance and reliability