Domain Names

A domain name is an essential part for your website or email service, and personalises your website and email.

Domain Pricing domain - £5.98 per year

.com domain - £14.27 per year

Buy Domain Names

We sell domain names to complement our web hosting packages. Please contact us to purchase your domain name.

What domain should I choose?

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a domain name, which is made up of two main parts; your chosen name and suffix. The most common suffixes are and .com, but there are others. The name can be anything you like, as long as itís not already taken. A few examples are given below.

[] e.g. or

I have my own domain name

No problem. If you have your own domain name, registered elsewhere, we will give you details of our nameservers to point your domain to your new hosting package. You donít need to buy another one.