Our Datacentre

It's important that your website, emails and other data are kept safe, and are accessible when you need them. Our web hosting packages are hosted on servers located in a secure datacentre with some of the most advanced protective systems available.

Our servers are powered via an independent on-site sub-station. In case of a power failure, our UPS (uninterruptible power supply) seamlesley takes over to keep everything up and running. For extended power failures, three large generators will power the datacentre indefinitely.
The air temperature inside the datacentre is closely contolled using N+1 Stulz DX Cybercool Air Conditioning Systems, which monitor and control temperature and humidity. Backup systems are in place in case of failure. Fire protection is given by the FM200 fire surpression system, which releases gas in to a sealed room, quickly extinguishing fires without causing water damage to computer equipment.
We only use the best industry-leading equipment available. The core network is built on Cisco equipment, and our servers are base on the Dell PowerEdge series for complete reliability. We have redundant standby servers in place to minimise downtime in case of complete system failure.
You can be confident that your data is safe from physical compromise. 24 hour CCTV footage both inside and outside the datacentre is recorded and stored for 2 months. All servers are in secure rooms with a minimum of 3 locking doors to gain access, and 24 hour security guards outside of normal office hours.
All of our systems sit on a robust dedicated network with multiple T1 carrier connections with high speed links to Lond and Manchester. All equipment is protected by firewall and a fully redundant core network is built using industry-leading Cisco equipment.